Enable verification texts for T-Mobile

I have T-Mobile and I can't get my verification code 

  1. If you have a Simple Choice No Contract account you will not be able to receive short codes.
  2. If you have a premium account go on My T-Mobile, your primary account holder can look for and remove Message Blocking Services or Family Allowances from the line:
    • Add or remove services, then clear check boxes for any blocking service, and click Next to confirm.
    • In addition to message and email blocks, remove 'Block Content Downloads' as it blocks messages to some short codes.
  3. Check your signal to make sure you're connected to the T-Mobile network. Short codes do not work while roaming on another network.
  4. Restart the device.
  5. For Android devices, check that the short codes settings are enabled.
  6. Double-check the short code you're using is correct, and try again.
  7. If the short code is still not responding, contact T-Mobile customer service 
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